About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel! I deal ace designs and conceptual ideas. As a graduate of Kutztown University, my specializations are Advertising and Interactive Design. I am a lifelong learner who finds passion in exploring new mediums, ideas, and processes. In my suit of skills, I have a love for illustrating, web design, motion graphics, and hand painting greeting cards. Aside from design, you can find me reading, probably drinking my third cup of tea for the day, and crafting with my Cricut. Below, take a peek at my hand of experiences in my resume. You’ll find I hold the best cards!

Suit of Skills

Conceptual Thinker

A limitless deck of possibilities

Lifelong Learner

The most powerful ace up my sleeve

Skills in design

Why hire a jack of trades when you can rule with a Queen in design

Traditional Background

Royal roots to the best hand of experiences